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When it comes to quality and customer satisfaction, we at CTI Noida do not believe in making any compromises. Our consistent adherence to the highest standards of quality has helped us become a renowned and trustworthy supplier of not only the best crimping machines but related equipments including Terminal Feed Applicators, Modular Stand Clamps and a wide range of Pull Teasers. We make every effort to meet the specific needs of our customers in both domestic and international markets, which has enables us to win their trust and support. Our machines are renowned for their exceptional performance features which make them truly cost effective and long lasting irrespective of the volume of load they are expected to handle. With our state-of–art facility we are able to meet the crimping machine needs of customers from diverse industrial sectors including automobile, beverage, printing, packing and wiring and harness to name a few.


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    Crimping Presses
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    End Feed Applicator
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    Side Feed Applicator
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    Manual Pull Tester
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    Automatic Pull Tester

About Crimping Machines

Crimp Technologies India

Despite being relatively new are of manufacturing crimping machines, we at CTI have created a niche in the market through our consistently high quality products offered at affordable rates. Since our inception in 2012, we have not only supplied products that meet the current needs of the customers but have also been upgrading our product line to fulfill their future requirements. Our state-of-the-art research and development facility enables us to stay ahead of our competitors in terms of developing products that stand apart from the crowd.

Our testing units monitor the products at every stage — right from procurement of raw materials to shipping of final product. It is this practice that has helped us reduce production costs, achieve and outdo the industry standards and earn customer respect, singlehandedly.

We manufacture crimping equipments of diverse specifications for varied usage. The following details provide greater details about the crimping machine manufactured by us.

Key Features of Crimping Machine are

  • Compact vertical frame design crimping machines
  • Very low noise or noiseless
  • Consumes less power during operation
  • Advance digital counter
  • Able to accept almost all types of standard strokes and mini applicators
  • Integrated slow motion feature for quick die setting

Latest Update

Working on to develop advance featured Machines

We have been manufacturing crimping machines that have a load capacity of 2 Ton, 4 Ton and 6 Ton that have are being successfully used by our numerous clients. We are currently in the final stages of developing an 8 Ton crimping machine. The machine, which runs with extremely slow vibrations, features hardened steel plates and has hard chrome plating will soon undergo house testing. It has a shut height of 136 mm and a stroke of 30 mm, which offers enough room for free hand movement close to the applicator. The machine also features a slow-moving ram in the ‘set mode’ which makes the crimped parts capable of handling specified loads.

Another important product that we have developed is the Motorized Pull Tester and it is also ready for in-house testing. The tester can be used for checking crimped wired which can handle a load of up to 200 Kg.

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