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In recent times, crimp cross sectional analysis has gained huge importance and become an integral part of the crimp quality process. At CTI Noida, we offer a complete system for making cross sectional analysis for a variety of different products. In fact, now with the help of our designed crimp cross section analysis lab equipment, you could very easily analyze the crimp and decide upon the right crimp specifications that have to be kept. Our designed Cross-Section Analysis System is very well manufactured / assembled 100% in India.

The good aspect our designed cross section analysis lab is that one can also conduct the following operations very smartly like:

  • Length of a drawn line
  • Distance between 2 points
  • Distance between two parallel lines
  • Definition of an area by similar colors chosen (WAND) or boundary tracing (automatic or manual tracing)


  • Special Grinding Machine (for specimen grinding)
  • Specimen Cutting Arrangement (Special Micro Saw)
  • Microscope with Sliding Table
  • USB Camera (High Resolution)
  • LED Ring Light (with adjustable light)
  • Specimen Holder (made of stainless Steel)
  • Computer System (with high resolution I9" Screen)
  • Round Calibration Glass

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