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We also manufacture wide range of terminal feed applicators that are widely being used by many Industries in India in order to make wiring harnesses. The good highlight about applicators is its simplicity to perform well in every condition. In fact, our designed applicators have got a base plate which fits well in any standard press of shut height of 136 mm. All applicators utilize a simple and reliable pneumatic feed system.

Apart from this, these applicators can be run on standard 30 mm (as per requirement) stroke press. The crimp setting for the crimp height is continuous (step-less). Having said that, every single part of the applicators is hardened and tempered. They are made out of alloy steel or die steel and calmax (imported) as per the functional requirement for long life. The applicators, we manufacture can be broadly categorized into two categories:

  • Side Feed Applicator - These applicators have been designed to crimp reeled terminals with feeding from left to right. The shank has a square head and so the provision has been made for micro adjustments of crimp height of both conductor & insulation. The point that you need to remember is that the crimpers are guided in the body head that turns very effective in having a least misalignment between crimper and anvil.
  • End Feed Applicator – This kind of applicators have been devised to crimp chained terminals (in reel) with feeding from rear to front. The applicator parts are made from high quality tool steel by making the best usage of best practice in machining.

Moreover, the other vitals attributes of our designed applicators are:

  • Simple operation and robust design
  • The forward-stroke and bell mouth adjustments available while the applicator is mounted in the press
  • High precision feeding system

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