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Crimping Presses is a unique product that makes the best utilization of standard components available in the market for the electronic control of the machine. You would be glad to know that every prototype of our Crimping presses has been thoroughly tested for the repeatability of shut height under load by using imported press analyzer. Nevertheless, we manufacture a full range of crimping presses that can easily accept standard mini applicators that may easily suit many different types of terminal connectors.

Our range of crimping presses varies in capacity with 1 Ton, 2 Ton and 4 Ton. Featured with the sturdy design of the table devices along with its completely new mechanical safety systems, our crimping presses are extremely flexible and very well suitable for much more than the manifold crimping and pressing processes. In fact, all our presses also features digital display and can be electronically controlled.

Apart from all these, the shut height of the presses is standard and repeatable. Adding to that, our machines can easily execute a large spectrum of pressing and crimping processes without any problems. Their extraordinary safety system makes expensive control components unnecessary. In fact, the safety system has been developed in such a manner that press force may not act effectively unless the distance right between the tools or components is smaller than the 6 mm zone as per the safety regulations. Moreover, for bigger presses, we are always ready to make special fixing arrangement as per the requirement of the customer.

Today, with the knowledge we have gained in the field, we are also able to give full technical support to our clients along with the manufactured crimping machine products.

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