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After the crimping the terminal with the wire, it is important that the crimped wire is tested for pull strength. It is because of this reason, we manufacture and offers pull testers that can very well facilitate solutions to a variety of force measurement applications. Few vital elements like force gauge, test stand and attachments are combined into an adaptable system and create a good pull tester machine.

One can be very much assure of our designed pull tester as it delivers consistent and reliable testing for checking the pull or pull-off force of wire crimp terminals and other components. In fact, the good highlight about our pull tester machine is its motorized stands that can deliver high performance and at the same deliver extremely smooth and powerful operation over the entire speed range. Moreover, our designed pull tester are very much well equipped with a speed-controlled motor that further ensures consistent pull rates throughout the measuring range resulting in accurate data.

Besides this, our pull testing machines are engineered with high precision that it can very well bear the resistance against fatigue, wear and tear. Plus it is quick to set-up and has got the great efficiency in performing pull testing, which in turn allows fewer circulation interruptions underground. Today, with the knowledge we have gained in the field, we are able to give full technical support to our clients along with well manufactured pull tester machine that can be very well categorized into two categories, mainly:

  • Manual Pull Tester – Our vertical type manual pull tester can provide solutions to a variety of force measurement applications. Designed as per the national standards, our manual pull tester can be installed easily and can perform in almost any extreme conditions.
  • Motorized Pull Tester – Our motorized pull tester has been smartly designed to check the pull-off force values of electrical leads, crimped terminals and connectors and ideally meant to provide consistent results.

So, just in case you are looking to know more about our highly advanced and designed pull tester machines then do contact us and we will revert you back as soon as possible.

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